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Ona, what type of art do you create?


     I use classical oil painting techniques in my landscape and still life paintings. I particularly enjoy and am inspired by almost anything “old”, especially when it retains its original function. This appreciation leads me to paint landscapes containing aged but enduring buildings and gardens, and my still lives often contain old, but functional, kitchen and garden items warmed by their acquired patinas from years of use.

     Although using new and contemporary frames for my work is always an option, a special joy for me is to develop paintings designed to fit into thoughtfully complementary antique frames. I seek out these frames in unusual places-shops, barns, and attics-and restore them as needed so that in their new lives they can be used for their original purpose and admired for their beauty and longevity. 

     All of the paintings are originals, meaning that they are are based on original ideas from my own experiences and photographs,  and are not copies of published material. They are the original hand-painted canvas or board, and are not printed reproductions of my original.

And why should I own an oil painting?


     I believe that a genuine original oil painting has a unique presence and appeal due to its luminous quality and exposed surface, setting itself apart from paper or canvas prints of originals. It is a unique hand-made work which can be the focal point of any room. I specialize in realistic renderings of antique objects or rural landscapes, most of which suggest calm and nostalgic environments.

     Oil painting is a classic art of using a mixture of oil paint and a liquid “medium” which allows the paint to be applied easily. My realistic works evolve from a series of layers, where the rough sketch is first applied and allowed to dry. Usually working back to front, the entire sketch is refined several more times with the paint and medium mixtures, drying after each layer. This careful layering of thin coats produces a characteristic luminosity and depth. Upon completion, a protective layer is applied and dried. The painting is now ready to be placed directly into a frame, with no further covering or protection, allowing the viewer to directly experience the subject and the method used to achieve it.

     An original oil painting is an impressive gift: well-made and by design can last hundreds of years. It is easily accommodated in small areas, since it occupies only vertical wall space, and not floor space.  It is a special treasure of the owner or of a special gift recipient-unique and of heirloom quality.

     Further, it is not hard to see that a commissioned (custom) oil painting can be incredibly personal, perhaps preserving the memory of a special occasion, a time with a special someone, or at a special place, for generations to come.   I often paint solely from good reference photos provided by the client. If desired, I can suggest desirable adjustments to the composition, and an appropriate painting size. Upon your approval of a preliminary sketch the painting process begins, and we communicate at a few key intervals of the painting’s development.  When the painting is complete (allow about 6 weeks), a final varnish is applied, allowed to dry, and it is ready for you to frame and enjoy!

Ona outdoor selfie.jpg

Ona outside of Hogpen Art Studio

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