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A commissioned (custom) oil painting is a warm and endearing way to preserve the memories of a special someone or pet, or of a special occasion or place for generations to come. It is a hand-made work having a unique presence and appeal due to its luminous quality and depth.

I often paint solely from good reference photos provided by the client. I can suggest desirable adjustments to the composition and an appropriate painting size, price, and time frame (often 6-8 weeks) and offer a preliminary sketch if desired. The painting process then begins, and we communicate at a few key intervals of the painting’s development.  

Additional details about commissioning are at the bottom of this page. Feel free to email me with any questions:

Commission examples:

IMG_1024Sam unframed.jpg
IMG_0397 copy_edited.jpg
New Windsor Farm.jpg
Presque Isle framed.jpg
NWMSframed copy.jpg

Commission client reviews:

“From the beginning of the project, Ona’s communications with us were more than we expected.  She was friendly, forthright, and understanding. She sent us a copy of various stages of the painting and asked for our feedback, taking pains to address our concerns.  She did not stop until we were pleased with the final excellent product. If we wanted another custom painting, we would not hesitate to contact Ona.” B & E F

"Mrs. Ona's artwork is amazing and her skill in these artwork is very impressive. In addition to the finished product, it was such a pleasure to work with Mrs. Ona. She is such a pleasure and is very open with her communication of the process of the piece. From the idea, to the initial sketch to the finished painting, she communicated very well and allowed me to make changes and adjust the painting throughout the entire process to get the exact custom piece I desired, and she did so with no problem at all. Mrs. Ona was a pleasure to work with and her finished piece is an amazing painting. She was able to capture the exact scene I was hoping for and now it is a staple piece in my home." J B

“We love our most recent painting of the Presque Isle Lighthouse.  Ona has the unique ability to blend art with technical authenticity.  Her pursuit of capturing the essence of the subject is evident. She uses photographs and actual visitation of the subject. You can see and feel the artist’s touch.  Ona’s presentation of her art is accented by framing that is truly unique.  Although talent of this caliber cannot be rushed she has served us with timely delivery.   We now have four of Ona’s works in our house and all receive attention and wonderful comments from our guests. Surely an asset in any home or office."    R & V M

   "Pets are so loved and they become members of our families.  Sam, our Brittany, is now 11 and still acts like a puppy.  He is so excited about walking each and every day unless there is rain or snow.

   We are very familiar with Ona’s talent and we have several of her paintings.  We decided we needed a portrait of Sam and she graciously agreed to the challenge.  Ona requested specific photos which we supplied.  She kept us informed during the process sending snapshots as she progressed.  Her ideas including the landscaping of the painting were perfect.

    We are so pleased with the final result.  Every aspect of Sam is depicted in the portrait from his brown eyes to the ticking (freckles) on his nose.  Sam is proudly displayed over the fireplace mantel in our living room. 

   We highly recommend Ona for any painting project you may have."   P & W A


Additional commissioning details:

If you have an idea for the desired composition of the painting, I can suggest desirable adjustments to your photo and a suggested painting size. If desired, I will prepare a simple sketch for your approval.


After approval, a nonrefundable 50% deposit is paid, and the painting begins. I encourage open communication and provide images and request your approval when the painting is at about 50% complete and at about 90% complete.   


After completion, usually after 1 additional week, a layer of the same medium used with the paint itself is applied to produce a final finish. 


The remaining 50% is paid and you frame and enjoy!




Optional but recommended: At no extra charge, approximately 4 months after completion (after the oil paint has completely cured properly), I will apply a final satin varnish.  The varnish contains an ultraviolet light blocker and produces a uniform satin finish, enhances color, and protects from dust and the environment. Then frame and enjoy!

Commissioned oil painting prices



*8 x 10”         $200

*9 x 12”         $250

10 x 10”         $250 

*11 x 14”       $375

12 x 12”         $350

12 x 16”         $500

*16 x 20”       $600

*18 x 24”       $800

20 x 20”         $800

20 x 30”         $1200

*24 x 36”       $1700

30 x 30”         $1800


* Common ready-made frame sizes

(Additional painting sizes available)

Prices are for UNFRAMED paintings

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