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The Chocolate Pot.jpg

"The Chocolate Pot"

13.5" W x 16.5"H  oil on board
in an antique carved walnut frame 
Price: $400 excluding tax and shipping

   Chocolate has been a welcome import for North America  since colonial times. Early recipes were simply chocolate stirred into hot water, while later sugar, milk, and spices such as vanilla or cinnamon were added.
   A chocolate pot from about 1900 is readily identifiable by the location of the spout near the top of the vessel. This one (as well as its matching plates, cups, and saucers comprising the "chocolate set") are exquisitely handpainted with a floral design. Also on the antique embroidered runner are fruit and  blocks of chocolate for shaving by a silver dessert knife.
   This delicate painting is framed in an antique carved walnut "criss-cross" or "Adirondack-style" frame.


   Commissions Accepted: From your own photo, I can preserve a lasting memory with an oil painting of a special place (landscape), objects (still life), or portraits of loved ones and beloved pets. For information on commissioning a painting, go to the Commissions page:

"The Chocolate Pot" is currently available at:
11 Liberty St
Westminster MD 21157
Gallery Hours: 
Fridays 12pm-4pm; Saturdays 10am-4pm; Sundays 12pm-4pm

or email me at


                     Thanks for visiting Hogpen Art Studio!


Welcome to my part of the world-a place of peace, calm, and nostalgia for pieces of the past. I hope that you enjoy my still lives and landscapes full of memories, comfort, and joy-as much as I enjoy creating them!

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My thoughts:
"I believe that an original painting is the direct expression of an artist’s ideas, thoughts, observations, and skills onto a painted surface.  The sole conduit between the two is the artist’s hand, guided by experience. The viewer is free to imagine the artist’s point of view, or to interpret the work solely from within their own frame of reference. As the owner of an original piece of art, the viewer is free to assign to the painting a personal meaning and enjoy for many years the satisfaction that results."


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